About Me

Hello 👋  I'm Johnnah, a Usui Reiki Master. I specialize in traditional Japanese Reiki healing. I've received five attunements from two different Reiki masters in the last two years. 

I suffered from ADHD my whole life. Growing up was always a struggle. I grew up in a abusive house hold. Than I was put in foster care, and spent many years in and out of hospitals. I was put on a ton of different medications and spent many years in therapy. Nothing really seemed to help. I was either wired and up for days at a time, or sleeping eighteen hours day. I was either really skinny from the meds or twenty plus pounds over weight. I never felt happy, or really knew what feel. This left me feeling empty, lost, self-medicating with alcohol, and codependency issues as an adult.

 I knew I had to change but wasn't sure how. I started working out and eating better, but I still felt unhappy. Every time something in past was brought up it seem to stop me in my tracks, and bring back all the emotions. It wasn't until I found Reiki, that I live with a true joy for life. I finally can handle looking at my past and work through trauma. Reiki has help with acceptance of myself, self-love, manifesting, living on a positive vibration and coping with anxiety and depression.

 Reiki has truly been the best coping skill in my healing journey. I want to share this beautiful healing with everyone I possibly can. 

Reiki Love,

Johnnah Leigh Usui Reiki Master